all you need to build a product is a mission

One of the most common pitfalls of product development is too many ideas. Some investors are dead set on how it will look. Some builders fall in love with a product philosophy. Some want to build exactly what the customer is asking for. And still others think they already know exactly what the result willContinue reading “all you need to build a product is a mission”

what we can learn about power from chess etiquette

In our interactions, we’re not always equals. Parents aren’t equal to their children, company owners aren’t equal to their employees, and students are not equal to their teachers. There is nothing wrong with these relationships despite unequal authority and faculties. In fact, these can be some of the most helpful and rewarding relationships of ourContinue reading “what we can learn about power from chess etiquette”

anything is possible

It’s a bold statement, silly almost. Anything is possible. Some may even think I am a pie-in-the-sky idealist. I am. Anything is possible because we don’t understand how things are possible. We don’t know for sure why or how we exist. We don’t even know why gravity works. We live and die in the midstContinue reading “anything is possible”

what is art, really?

Leo Tolstoy wrote a short book called What is Art? defining art as a cultural form of communication. He believed that communication only worked with it’s appropriate audience. Only Italians can judge Italian opera. Only contemporary PBS viewers can judge Bob Ross. Only hip hop fans can criticize Kanye West’s music. He opposed those whoContinue reading “what is art, really?”