about me

noemi is pronounced no-eh-me with the emphasis on the eh
In my art studio in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

I am an artist, software engineer, writer … but mostly, I am a builder.

I’ve built a lot of things: In 2004, I started writing scripts with my brother to exploit social bookmarking sites for marketing – I was barely a teenager and this was my first experience making money with coding.

I launched my own eCommerce business at 18 and learned a lot of practical web development skills. That launched me into the world of startups. I spent my weekends in San Francisco programming with other YC hopefulls, and my weekdays at the Science, Inc incubator in LA.

In between all of this, I got some formal art training and fell in love with Art History. In this realm, my interests focus around:

  • Forgery/Authenticity
  • Mesoamerican, Indigenous and Native Art
  • The history (and mythology) of creative invention

I settled in LA for a while, creating products for big companies and high growth startups. I spent this time observing both successful and unsuccessful teams/strategies. I aim to synthesize what I’ve learned and continue to learn and share it with you as much as possible.

A little bit more personal: I was born during a revolution, which is probably where I get my chaos energy from. My birth certificate is a scrawled & crossed out piece of paper from a fallen government.

With my brother at my grandparents’ farm in Romania. Her name was Mândruța, “the proud one.” circa 1995

I immigrated twice in my life – from Romania to the United States when I was 7, and then to Galicia, Spain in 2019.

I’m working on making creative work (like coding) more nourishing, similar to how crafting tends to be. I think about it a lot .. I’m an agile advocate but I’m also pretty critical of how it has killed the creativity of building software. Just like people say you should “bring your whole self” to your work, you should bring your whole brain, too. And everyone has creative abilities worth exploring.

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